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minimum wage debate essay

minimum wage debate essay

minimum wage debate essay

| Fraser Institute

As Canadians start to worry more about the state of our economy, the Fraser Institute has assembled a series of studies and op-eds by our researchers that clarify.

Is Outsourcing Exploitation? -

I don’t think it is “exploitation” ever. You are doing a good thing providing work to someone who is willing to work for that fee. You do not force anyone.

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The American Prospect

Teachers across the state are uniting in their call to end the raids, which have disrupted the education of immigrant students.

Walmart Debate The Independent Institute

Good evening ladies and gentleman, my name is David Theroux. I’m the President of the Independent Institute, and I want to welcome you to our program this evening.

The Living Wage Movement—Viewpoints | EPI |.

Opinion pieces and speeches by EPI staff and associates. THIS PIECE ORIGINALLY APPEARED IN THE SPRING 1999 COMMUNITY ACTION DIGEST. The Living Wage.

Are our society's values deteriorating? |

Express your opinion on whether you feel that the values society has instilled are currently deteriorating at the rate things are going.

Lochner era - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Origins. The causes of the Lochner era have been the subject of debate. Matthew J. Lindsay, writing in the Harvard Law Review, recounts the longstanding and widely.

Immigration, the Republicans, and the End of White.

Wait a minute!!! If the minimum wage is $10/hr in Canada, $13/hr in France, and $16/hr in Australia, why do those countries still have illegal immigrants?